WhatsApp blocks users who use unofficial apps, like GB WhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp has started to block users who use the chat service through apps like “GB WhatsApp” or “WhatsApp Plus”. These unofficial apps are developed by third parties and now violate the WhatsApp Terms of Service.

Apps such as “GB WhatsApp” and “WhatsApp Plus” add functions that the chat app does not have of itself, but WhatsApp says it can not validate the security practices from these services. That’s why it started blocking users from these apps.

It is unknown how many users have been blocked by WhatsApp. However, you can easily lift the ban by using the official WhatsApp app whenever your ban timer runs out. When switching from “WhatsApp Plus” to the official WhatsApp app, a user’s chat history is automatically restored. When switching from “GB WhatsApp”, the user must change the name of the folder containing the chats from “GB WhatsApp” to WhatsApp to ensure that WhatsApp sees the backup.

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