SwiftKey Now Protects Your Sensitive Data

SwiftKey Beta for android now automatically switches to Incognito mode when the user enters a field in a private browser or private conversation. This way, SwiftKey will not record any data.

Incognito mode has been available for the keyboard since 2016. But it had to be activated by the user himself. According to Android Police, it automatically works in most major web browsers except UC Browser. The function also works in private conversations in WhatsApp alternative Telegram. You can not manually turn off the incognito mode. Only when you open a ‘normal’ tab again, you get the regular version back.

When the keyboard is automatically switched to Incognito mode, it can not be switched off manually. This is possible when you use regular fields and browsers. It’s not yet known when this functionality comes to the iOS version of SwiftKey.

SwiftKey Beta is not the first virtual keyboard that contains an automatic switch to Incognito mode. Gboard supports this functionality for Google Chrome since 2017.

How to download and use SwiftKey Beta:

  1. Go to the app in Google Play and press ‘Install’
  2. Open SwiftKey Beta and follow the steps on the screen
  3. First switch on the new keyboard
  4. Then select the experimental app as a keyboard, and possibly create an account
  5.  From now on nothing is tracked
SwiftKey Beta
SwiftKey Beta
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

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