Mint Browser: Fast and Lightweight Browser

Xiaomi has just released its own Mint Browser in the Google Play Store. This new internet browser for Android will provide fast and ad-free browsing. In addition, the Mint Browser is only 10MB in size and is equipped with the latest functions.


Mint Browser

Xiaomi is not only known from the smartphones and other devices. Xiaomi has also produced different apps to use on your Android phone. While there are tonnes of browser available in the Google Play store. Think of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Brave and lots more. Xiaomi has now release her own Mint Browser. Mint Browser must be Light, Fast, Safe Ad-free and very User-friendly!

With a size of only 10MB, the application is very lightweight. The browser also has a home screen that lets you quickly navigate to your favorite websites and pages. There is also integration of Voice Search, with which you can immediately carry out a search from the start screen. There is an option (similar to Opera) that allows you to indicate that you want to reduce data usage, and there is also an incognito mode. Mint Browser also has a Night Mode setting. This will reduce eye strain and help you sleep better.

Mint Browser features data compression and allows you to configure even more from the settings. You can disable cookies, disable JavaScript, block popups, configure your user agent, change how the app interacts with multi-window, and more. There’s a lot of room for customization for such a lightweight application, and it boasts a small memory footprint on top of that. It’s not really aimed at those who use flagship smartphones, but it certainly can be used on them with ease.

The latest release of Mint Browser now offers Tor support and Fingerprint scanning! Xiaomi boasts that they fixed the infamous WebRTC bug that leaks sensitive information while browsing Tor. Access the Incognito+ feature with fingerprint scanning. Xiaomi promises they they will never upload any fingerprint data to their servers.




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