Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 Images Show Samsung’s Blockchain Wallet

Photos have been published of the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore, an app on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 that can serve as a wallet for cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and ethereum. For a long time there’s been rumors about Samsung releasing their Blockchain Wallet.

Users can import an existing wallet or create a new wallet within the app, according to the photos that Ben Geskin has tweeted. In the app, users can presumably see the status of their crypto stores and make transactions. Security runs via a pin code or via the fingerprint scanner of the phone.

Last month SamMobile announced that Samsung would be releasing its blockchain wallet. This would involve a wallet with support for bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and erc20. Samsung will ensure that new users can import their existing wallets from other providers. Samsung assures they will not have access to the data and the only way of recovering your wallet is entering a 12-24 words passphrase.

The photos show the app on a Galaxy S10 with a single front camera in a hole in the top right corner. The photos also show that the notification bar does not go all the way to the top of the screen. There seems to be a space just above of the front camera. There’s also a small empty space next to the status icons. One of the screenshots also shows that empty space.

We’re only a month away from Unpacked, where Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S10 to the public . Unpacked is hosted on February 20, only a few days before the Mobile World Congress telecom exhibition. There are reportedly four variants of the device: a Galaxy S10E, S10, S10 Plus and a version with 5g support.

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