Fortnite for Android Now Supports Bluetooth Controllers

Great news for Fortnite fans: The latest version of Fortnite for mobile devices now offers support for Bluetooth controllers. Fortnite version 7.30 is available for Android and iOS on smartphones and tablets.

Fortnite version 7.30 is now rolling out worldwide and adds a long-awaited feature. The game now also supports controllers on mobile. That means you can connect a Bluetooth controller to your Android device to play Fortnite.

Developer Epic Games has not indicated whether players with controllers can only play together, or will also be matched against touch screen players. In theory, you aim more accurately with a controller and you therefore have a big advantage.

Fortnite Bluetooth controller support for Android

On Android smartphones, almost every controller is supported with Bluetooth. You do not need a controller specifically for smartphones. If you have a PlayStation 4 controller at home for example, you can also connect it to your smartphone to play Fortnite. For iOS users, support is somewhat more limited. Only MFi controllers approved by Apple will work with the iPhone or iPad.

Chiller Grenade New Update on Fortnite

Chiller Grenade and Solid Gold mode

Fortnite also released the Chiller Grenade. If your enemies are hit by this grenade, they will slide around for a few seconds and have a difficult time standing still. Fortnite also made the Solid Gold mode temporarily available again. In Solid Gold mode, only legendary weapons will In this mode, only Legendary weapons will pop up and you’re able to¬† collect materials way faster. Further improvements and adjustments have been made to the interface, the Playground mode and gameplay.

Finally, Fortnite now supports a frame rate of 60 frames per second. Only on a handful of Android devices though. More frames will mean that the image will look smoother on these devices. Unfortunately, only 3 devices support the 60 frames per second. The Honor View 20, Huawei Mate 20 X and the US version of the Galaxy Note 9.

Fortnite is Free to Play on Android. You’ll not be able to download it from the Play Store though. You’ll have to download the APK from the Epic Games website. The new update will be rolled out from today.

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